About The Company

For 75 years, United Envelope has led the way in envelope printing and manufacturing, providing unmatched quality and service nationwide. Their unwavering commitment to excellence is reflected in state-of-the-art facilities and experienced personnel catering to diverse clientele, from agencies to non-profits.

United Envelope prides itself on consistently delivering top-quality envelopes within tight timeframes, thanks to a focus on precision and efficiency. With dedicated account and production managers, they exceed customer expectations by tackling challenges with a solutions-oriented approach.

What sets United Envelope apart is their steadfast dedication to unparalleled quality, meeting the highest standards of functionality and reliability. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, they ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality, providing clients with an exceptional value proposition.

Load Specifications

  • Load Type: Paper Rolls
  • Weight- 1,500-LBS Each
  • Diameter- 60”
  • Width- 14”

Application Analysis

Paper rolls have to be manually moved, aligned, and loaded into production machines multiple times a day.

Handling Issues

Moving the 1,500 LBS paper rolls several times a day requires a significant amount of effort and manual labor to accomplish the handling task. United Envelope needed an easier way to move and properly align their rolls into the production machines.

The Solution

ASE specified one of our air caster roll movers to easily move the client’s paper rolls. Air Caster technology allows the load to literally float on a film of compressed air which provides the highest ergonomic value in the market today. Each air caster roll mover is built to the client’s roll specifications and makes it possible to not only move all kinds of heavy rolls but also coils, reels and other round loads regardless of the size. Air caster systems require a smooth non-porous surface like trawled concrete that is sealed to operate at optimal efficiency. The air caster roll mover can be equipped with power drive systems, guide wheel assemblies, remote controls, adjustable forks all designed to increase productivity and enhance the ergonomic value. Standard unit capacities range from 500-lbs to 12,000-lbs with custom builds available for higher capacities.

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