Capabilities:  Easily covers small floor gaps, cracks and joints.
 Easily rolls out over travel path to cover small floor gaps, cracks, and joints.
 No danger of corrosion outdoors.
 Roll out over long sections of porous surfaces without taping seams as with smaller sized sheets.

 Lighter and easier to handle than sheet metal. 

On two 100’ long x 60” wide polyethylene roll-out overlays, this manufacturer moves a 100-ton catamaran ship hull out of the assembly plant.  

Tested Properties: Minimum Values:
Density, g/cm3 0.94
Strength at Break, Ib/in-width (N/mm) 243 (43)
Strength at Yield, Ib/in-width (N/mm) 130 (23)
Elongation at Break, % G.L. 2.5 in (64 mm) 560
Elongation at Yield, % G.L. 1.3 in (33 mm) 13
Tear Resistance, Ib (N) ASTM D 45 (200)
Puncture Resistance, Ib (N) FTMS 101, Method 80 (356)
Carbon Black Content, %< 2.0
Environmental Stress Crack Resistance, hr 1500
Thickness, mils (mm) 60 (1.5), other thicknesses available
Roll Length (approximate), ft (m) 420 (128)
Low Temperature Brittleness, of (0C) <-107 «-77)
Oxidative Induction Time, minutes 100
  Made from proprietary resins, specifically designed for strength & durability. Outstanding strength and stiffness properties. Demonstrated ability to withstand the rigors of direct exposure to the sun and ultraviolet light. Excellent chemical resistance. Proven history of success. Note: Polystyrene and Polyethylene rolls are available in 22.5’ wide x hundreds of feet long with varying thicknesses up to 80-mils. A cutting charge will apply on narrow rolls.

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