With our Air Plank Systems, one person can easily move thousands of pounds.

Air planks are designed to be used with loads having a fixed width. Each is equipped with two or more air casters and each air plank system may have two or more planks.

Air plank systems utilize the efficiency of fluid film technology to actually float heavy loads on a near friction-less film of air. With our Air plank systems, one person can easily move thousands of pounds.

Air plank systems combine simplicity of operation with extreme versatility. Load movement is easy, exceptionally smooth, omni-directional and can be performed anywhere in the work environment where there is an adequate floor surface. I.E.: (Sealed, hand or machined trawled concrete or equal).

Air planks distribute the load weight over a greater surface than with rollers or wheels, spreading any stress evenly on the floor. This eliminates damage to the floor and the need for expensive tracks, reinforced floors and building structures.

Air casters are more cost effective than traditional load movement methods. Your own personnel can quickly learn to utilize the system. And, since there are no moving parts, maintenance costs stay low.

Air planks are specifically designed for applications where the load is long and narrow. They also excel in intermittent flow assembly lines and other station to station applications, and in situations where access is limited to only one side of a load. Air Planks can make it easy to transport and position heavy equipment such as heavy machinery, machine tools, medical equipment, mainframe computers and other sensitive electronic equipment.

Air plank systems are ideally suited for progressive assembly operations.

Air Planks – System Standard Components

Each system consists of two planks each having 2 or 3 air casters mounted to a high-strength extrusion. Each plank includes an air supply manifold on one end mounted flush with the top surface. Inside the manifold are flow control valves that automatically compensate for offset loads up to a 70/30 offset. Also included is one 10′ interconnect hose with quick connect fittings, one pressure regulator with gauge, and one on/off ball valve.

Selection guide for air plank system

1. Load must be positioned so individual bearing capacities are not exceeded.
2. Recommended supply pressure: 25 psi above rated operating pressure at maximum load. Required floor surface: smooth trawled and sealed concrete or equivalent.
3. Recommended for air supply hose lengths up to fifty (50) feet, consult sales engineer for longer lengths.

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