Transporting heavy paper rolls, metal sheet coils and large reels can be a difficult, time-consuming task unless you use ASE System’s air caster roll movers which will allow the operator to move heavy inventory with the greatest of ease. ASE offers a complete line of paper, roll, reel and coil handling equipment that will help save time, increase productivity, and reduce the chances of worker injuries and damage to your product. Because roll movers literally float the load on a thin film of compressed air, as little as one pound of push can move 1,000-lbs of weight; so one person can easily transport, rotate and precisely position even the largest and heaviest paper rolls.

  • Standard equipment includes inverted U-type handle, no-load wheels, pressure regulator and on/off ball valve.
  • Standard configuration for no-load wheels is front 2 fixed, rear 1 swivel.
  • Optional squeeze throttle control.
  • Non-standard roll diameter ranges are available. Specify roll diameters between 24″ minimum and 84″ maximum.
  • Roll diameter specifications are based on hard paper rolls. If unit is to be used for soft paper, contact ASE to determine the correct equipment specification.

Roll Movers

Move Metal Sheet Coils, Large Reels & Heavy Paper Rolls On A Film of Compressed Air

Equipment Description

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