Roll Up-Ender The HRUP-5000 is designed to automate your roll stacking & palletizing operations and at the same time reduce manhandling injuries and product damage. The HRUP-5000 can be integrated with a host of other converting and conveying equipment providing an economical alternative to a completely automated handling system. With the use of the optional “multiple-V” back deck and the “pusher tool” the HRUP-5000 can stack multiple rolls and center them into position ready to be conveyed to the next station or can be moved away via forklift truck.


  • Specifications:
  • High speed hydraulic turning
  • Wireless keyed remote control with E-Stop
  • Convenient floor mounting holes
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Powder coated finish
  • Max load capacity: 5,000 lbs (2,260 kg)
  • Max roll diameter 50″ (1270 mm)
  • Pallet width max: 48″ (1220 mm)
  • Pallet depth max: 54″ (1370 mm)
  • Travel: 90º
  • Travel speed: 0 to 90º in 18 seconds
  • Machine weight: 2,000 lbs (906 kg)
  • 230-460 VAC x 50-60 Hz x 3 phase power
  • Options & Accessories:
  • Flat top or roller bed on output side
  • Flat or V cradle top on input side
  • Pusher to center turned rolls on pallet
  • Guide to prevent pallet movement when centering rolls
  • Micro pendant with tethered remote
  • Custom configurations available
  • Light curtain guarding

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