For ½” to 1-1/2 ID hoses

Hose ReelsSP & DP Series “Single & Dual Product” reels are high capacity reels designed for high volume delivery of air, water, oil, and fuel at low to medium working pressures. SP reels are suitable where longer lengths or larger diameters of hose are necessary, but the convenience of spring rewind is required. DP reels do the same, but for dual hose applications.
  • Low profile outlet riser & open drum slot design creates even wraps of hose around the drum & eliminates hose crimping.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel rollers are pinch-proof, non-corrosive and have long lasting strength and rigidity.
  • Reinforced steel frame provides maximum stability.
  • Mounting holes provided for easy installation.
  • All working parts are easily accessible for servicing.
  • Fully automatic self-retracting reel wraps, stores, & protects hose.
  • High-quality steel construction & durable epoxy powder-coat finish.
  • Self-lubricated flange bearings.
  • Heavy ribbed steel discs with rolled edges for maximum strength & safety.
  • Lubricated factory-balanced spring motor, constructed on in-house proprietary custom machinery, ensures the highest quality & long lasting reliability.
  • Cartridge-style spring motor easily accessed, serviced and/or replaced if necessary.
  • Cast iron lock ring with non-sparking bronze lock dog & stainless steel spring ensure maximum safety in combustible environments.
  • Full-flow swivel insures maximum product delivery.
  • Multi-position locking ratchet easily secures hose at desired length.
  • Adjustable solid rubber hose stop for convenient lead length positioning.
Hose Reel Specs Two braid hose for applications 250 to 300 psi and temperatures to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. NOTE: For higher temperatures and pressures, consult the sales department. Hose Reel Diagram

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