Specially Developed Air Caster System

gap crosser caster This air caster is specially developed for the smooth movement of loads over gaps and steps in the floor surface. Originally developed for theater applications to move stage sets and theater seating, air casters can also be effective in autoclave loading, moving dies over t-slots, moving loads into and out of elevators or onto flush-mount scales, lift tables, turntables and pit covers.

For crossing over cracked expansion joints and gaps of all kinds.

Utilizing the air caster principle, compressed air is pumped into the circular air caster diaphragm and center plenum chamber. When the air pressure in the air caster plenum chamber exceeds the weight of the load, air slowly and evenly escapes between the flexible air caster membrane and the surface to create a thin, virtually frictionless cushion of air .003 to .005 inches thick. A perforated membrane encloses the specially developed air caster and meters the rate of air flow. Upon encountering a gap, rapid outflow of air is prevented by the metering action of this membrane. Since the load is actually floating over the surface, the potential for floor damage is substantially reduced. This specially developed Air Caster is furnished without landing pads and may be fixed-mounted or slide mounted. For best results and reduced air flow, smooth and round off all gap and step edges if possible. * Capacities shown are maximum. ASE Systems Toll Free: 800-245-2163 * 281-245-7450 * Fax: 281-256-7451

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