As technology continues to advance, the challenges associated with the movement of heavy equipment are gradually diminishing. Innovative tools have emerged to simplify this task for your team, offering efficiency and ease in handling substantial loads.

Roller Skids:

Ideal for confined spaces and delicate environments, roller skids prove to be a convenient solution. These compact transportation tools provide an easy-to-use platform for placing heavy equipment, allowing effortless rolling without the need to drag the load and risk damaging the floors. Larger machines may require additional support to bear the weight effectively.

Toe Jacks:
While toe jacks are not designed for moving machinery or materials on their own, they serve as a valuable complement to other moving equipment. When using roller skids, for instance, toe jacks come into play for lifting the equipment and positioning the skids. This ensures that your team can lift heavy objects without posing any risks to their bodies.
Air Bearings:

For particularly heavy equipment, the challenge of movement becomes more pronounced. Air bearings offer a solution by utilizing a platform that uses pressurized air to keep the equipment off the ground. This technology makes tons of equipment more maneuverable, eliminating concerns about floor damage as the load glides on a thin layer of pressurized air.

Lift Buddy:
When tackling lifting tasks solo and seeking assistance, the lift buddy proves to be a valuable piece of equipment. Tailored for smaller tasks, it isn’t designed for extremely heavy machinery but provides crucial support for tasks that would typically require more than one person, fostering a more efficient work environment.
Lifting Straps:

Manual lifting of heavy materials without specialized equipment can pose significant challenges, especially in terms of pressure on the individual lifting. Lifting straps come to the rescue by helping distribute the weight into a better position, reducing the risk of back injuries. This simple tool, wrapped around shoulders or forearms, makes manual lifting more manageable and safer.

Rotating Dollies:
In compact spaces where traditional heavy-duty movement equipment may struggle to navigate, rotating dollies emerge as a practical solution. These small platforms with rotating wheels can support substantial loads, providing a means to safely transport heavy equipment even in confined environments, ensuring efficient movement without compromising safety.

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