Whether your load is 500 LBS or 500,000 LBS, Air Caster equipment combines simplicity of operation with tremendous versatility to provide smooth, easy, omni-directional movement at a very affordable price.

  • Load moving with minimal effort (about 1 LB of force can move 1,000 LBS of load)
  • Reduced chance of back injuries
  • Low cost per pound of lift capacity
  • Smooth, easy movement in any direction
  • Clean, static-free operation
  • Non-marking operation to protect floor surfaces
  • Even distribution of the load to minimize stress on floors
  • Cushioning effect, an advantage for moving delicate loads
  • Minimal space requirements under and around the load
  • Low maintenance, with no moving parts
  • Operation with standard industrial plant air

How Air Casters Work

Step 1 Step 1 Prior to inflation, the load is solidly supported on landing pads. These pads protect the Air-Caster’s torus bag from being crushed when the load is at rest.
Step 2 Step 2 When air is applied to the Air-Caster, the torus bag inflates, creating a seal against the floor surface and raising the load.
Step 3 Step 3 When the pressure within the chamber is sufficient to offset the load’s weight, air evenly escapes between the flexible torus bag and the floor. The load is literally floated on a thin, nearly frictionless cushion of air, .003 to .005 inches (.08 to .13mm) thick.

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