ASE Systems in cooperation with Atis Manipolatori offers a versatile line up of Hi-end, cost effective industrial manipulator Arms designed to provide years of “problem free” handling of all your heavy, awkward repetitive lifting applications. Along with increased productivity and enhanced ergonomics, our engineers have incorporated technology designed to empower the end user with the ability to easily repair critical components without the need for technical expertise. Each manipulator is shipped complete with a “Plug & Play” maintenance service program which allows your personnel to replace critical pneumatic components purchased from local supply house organizations thereby greatly reducing any downtime should the need arise. Each pneumatic manipulator is engineered to accept a vast array of standard and customized end of arm or below the hook tools designed to empower the operator with the ability to lift heavy loads safely & easily. In addition to effortless lifting the operator can tilt, turn, spin, pour, rotate and precisely position a myriad of heavy, bulky unbalanced loads.

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