Capacities up to 140 tons using two 34” Air Jacks Inflatable air jacks are designed to lift heavy loads and can be inserted into spaces one inch high.    

System Specifications

Specifically designed for industrial lifting or jacking applications, Air-jacks are built tough for continuous use in demanding rigging, manufacturing & production applications. And because they are lightweight and portable, they are easy to handle, store, transport and set up. The low profile of an air jack requires only one inch (25.4mm) of insertion space and inflate to full height in just seconds. Air-jacks are available in a variety of sizes with single jack capacity up to 70 tons, (63.50 metric tons) & can provide virtually limitless lifting capacities when used in series.
2J1010 12 10.88
2J1515 24 23.58
2J2020 44 39.92
2J2125 64 58.06
2J2929 100 90.72
2J3434 140 127
Each Air Jack system includes one hand held controller, one or two Air-Jacks, and one or two interconnect hoses. Individual Air Jack Specifications:
Part # Capacity (tons) Collapsed Height(in) Maximum Working Pressure(psi) Air Volume Required(cubic ft.) Inflation Time in Seconds Weight Each (lbs)
J1010 6 1″ 120 0.8 2 7
J1515 13 1″ 120 3 3 10
J2020 22 1″ 120 7.3 7 20
J2125 32 1″ 120 13.7 11 25
J2929 50 1″ 120 21.4 28 37
J3434 70 1″ 120 46.7 53 55
Continuous Duty Temperature Range -40 F to + 150 F
Can be used anywhere a heavy object or large machine needs to be lifted, tilted, moved or nudged. INDIVIDUAL LOAD-VS-LIFT RATIO Load vs Lift Air Jacks are used under the most adverse conditions to relocate, align and position heavy machinery and are especially good at interfacing with odd shaped loads.
Air Jack air jack seq 1
air jack seq 2 air jack seq 3

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