Anver Air Lifters

Anver vacuum generators feature high capacity pumps, valves, filters and gauges for trouble-free operation in the most demanding production environments. Designed for use with a wide assortment of vacuum lifter assemblies and interchangeable pad attachments. These high quality Vacuum Packs are ruggedly built, yet afford-ably priced for unmatched value. All air powered lifters feature a sturdy welded frame construction for heavy weight load lifting capability.

Anver Vacuum Lifter

Air Powered Vacuum Generator
No electric power required, operates using dry, clean compressed air for vacuum generation. The vacuum generator is a single stage unit with no moving parts or rubber gaskets to maintain or replace.

Front Mounted Gauges
Includes both an input air pressure and vacuum indicator gauges, front mounted for continuous monitoring by the operator. Also included is a filter view port to monitor filter for cleaning.

Anver 2

Ergonomic Adjustable Front Handlebar
Easy to grasp, large loop handlebar enables the operator to easily and safely maneuver the attached load without touching the load itself. Handlebar can be adjusted for smaller loads.

Slide Control Valve with Standard Safety Interlock
The slide valve assembly allows vacuum attach and release and is mounted to the front handlebar for convenient access by the operator. The standard safety interlock is to keep the slide valve in the attach position while lifting a load to prevent accidental load release.

Anver lifter

Vacuum Check Valve and Reservoir
A check valve and a vacuum reservoir help to maintain vacuum if the supply of compressed air is interrupted, for safe handling of non-porous loads.

Takes Standard Dry, Clean Shop Air
Input Pressure to be regulated to 72.5 psi. Provided with 1/4″ NPT input air supply connector and shut-off slide valve. Vacuum Leakage Sensing System (VLS-08 & VLS-08-20) The VLS-08 (Series) are battery powered units consisting of solid state circuitry with microprocessor, pressure sensor, LCD digital display in inches of Hg, warning audible horn and red light. System is plumbed to the Vac-Pack and monitors vacuum level triggering the alarm in the event of a loss in vacuum level (10% loss for VLS-08 / 20% loss for VLS-08-20).

Anver lifter 4

Air Filter
High capacity air filter provides protection against pump damage. It is mounted behind the front cover which has a view port for routine inspection.

Frame Construction
Fully welded frame with a vacuum reservoir and a lifting bale and beam mounting hardware.
– Standard for 3″x3″ beam [9″ hardware centers] with a structural lifting capacity rating up to 2,200 lbs (998 kg).
– Heavy Duty for 3″x6″ beam [9″ hardware centers] and reinforced lifting bale with a structural lifting capacity rating up to 4,400 lbs (1,996 kg).

anver 5Versatility
For larger load lifting capability or alternate power requirements, ASE offers electric powered and self-powered mechanical vacuum generators, all with standard mounting designs for interchangeability.

Optional Moisture Trap (WT-PF)
For damp applications: prevents moisture saturation of filter and possible damage to pump. Not for handling wet loads.

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