SHD 3000 Roll Handling Machine

The SHD-3000 super heavy duty roll handling machine with 3,000 lbs (1,361 kg) of lifting capacity, is precise in its movements and is our most powerful battery powered walk behind roll handling machine that we offer. The SHD-3000 is used to lift and turn rolls by the core for all types of roll handling applications like palletizing, transporting and loading roll into processing machines. This machine is designed to grip rolls from the inside the core without contacting the rolled material thus reducing the risk of both material damage and operator injury and therefore, saving your company money and valuable resources. With its powerful battery powered electric hydraulic lift & drive unit, driving and maneuver even in crowded work areas is safe and easy. Both the lifting and turning functions are powered by the unit’s hydraulic system. Lever control valves allow lifting and turning in minute increments allowing the operator to make precision alignments fast and easy.

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Standard Features

  • Two speed drive with Turtle / Rabbit switch
  • Precision oleodynamic control valves
  • Powerful industrial batteries
  • Ergonomic drive tiller
  • Belly bump reversing switch
  • Keyed lock switch and Emergency Stop
  • Non-marking wheels
  • Reliable electronic controls
  • Rugged heavy-duty construction
  • All cables and hoses housed within mast assembly.


*Actual capacity depends on roll width and roll weight combined.

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DR-EVO Drive Steering:

LED Batter Charge indicator, “turtle” switch for variable seed control and safety reversing switch.

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A batter charger is built-in to the control housing and includes a 22-VAC power cord.

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Traction & Stability

Structure with 5 contact points and shock-absorber system for perfect grip from the drive wheel. Ideally suited for floor irregularities.

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High frequency 24V microprocessor controls with LOD function indicators allow fast and easy troubleshooting.

Optional Accessories

  • Fixed straddle, adjustable or Euro pallet legs
  • 63” (1600 mm) lifting heights with single stage mast
  • Custom sizes and configurations available
  • 115 VAC or 230 VAC automatic battery chargers
  • Spare mandrel holder
  • Anti-telescoping attachment with manually applied, padded O.D. clamp
  • Expanding mandrels from 3” (76.2 MM) to 12” (304.8 mm)
  • Automatic mandrel retractor for loading/unloading cantilevered mandrels
  • Electric remote mandrel gripper retract
  • Manual remote mandrel gripper retract
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