The modern way to relieve stress on your shoulders and lower back when engaged in your daily work activities…

  The Work Mate exoskeleton is designed to enhance your body’s own ability when performing repetitive working tasks found in practically any industry & working environment. The Work Mate is proven to relieve strain on your shoulders and relieve stress on your lower back when performing repetitive lifting actions, precise lifting movements and is ideally suited for activities that require the operator’s arms to be constantly raised or held in place for extended periods of time during their daily work routines. Studies show that when using the Work Mate the operator will experience up to a 30% reduction in shoulder stress and as much as a 50% reduction in lower back strain. All this adds up to employees that are happier, healthier & more productive which equals increased productivity, lower medical costs & less days lost due to job related injuries.

How it works

The operator wears the Work Mate much like a back pack, the unit includes shoulder straps, upper arm cuffs and a “weight lifting” like belt that is attached securely around the operator’s waist utilizing  Velcro like fastening. All of these attachment points are finely adjustable and are designed to fit almost any body size. Each of the two arm cuffs attaches to the upper arms around the biceps which connects them to a gear box located on either side of the unit. The gear box houses a proprietary combination of springs, sprockets and other auxiliary parts that provide “lift assistance” each time the arms are raised whether in unison or one at a time. Each gear box can be quickly & easily fine-tuned with 8 levels of intensity to ensure the operator has just the right power and precision for the task at hand. The gear boxes are attached to hinged brackets that are in turn fastened to an adjustable width linear slide mechanism that insures proper fit along the breadth of the operator’s shoulders. All of these parts & attachment points in no way hinder the natural movement of the operator’s shoulder and normal arm function. The adjustable linear slide is solidly fastened to a Kevlar reinforced “spine like” vertical support structure that keeps the operator’s back in the optimal lifting position throughout the work day and every time a heavy load is lifted. Like all the other major components, the vertical support is easily adjustable to fit your body.

The Work Mate operates in harmony with your shoulders and body movements

Workmate Operation
Work Mate Exoskeleton Overview Wearable Tool

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