About The Company

Rite-Hite manufactures, sells, and services locking dock equipment, industrial doors, safety barriers, HVLS fans, industrial curtain walls, and more. Known for the development of the DOK-LOK ® trailer restraint that prevents trailer separation, they have quickly gained a reputation for solutions that improve industrial safety, security and productivity through quality and innovation. Serving industries worldwide such as automotive, warehousing and distribution, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, as well as pulp, paper, and packaging, Rite-Hite has a global footprint in providing essential services.

Load Specifications

  • Load Type: Vinyl Rolls
  • Weight: Up to 500 LBS
  • Roll Diameter: 15”
  • Roll Widths: 58”-90”
  • ID: 3”

Application Analysis

  • Pick Up Point: Horizontal from a pallet
  • Rotation: N/A
  • Place Point: Horizontal on a table

Handling Issues

Rite-Hite was using an old pneumatic hoist-based roll lifter with probe tooling for horizontal lifting. They had recently added longer rolls which needed an upgraded unit with a longer probe for easily handling the heavier, longer rolls.

The Solution

ASE proposed a hoist based pneumatic C-shaped fixed probe tool with a powered center of gravity shift to adjust from short rolls to long rolls. ASE also included integration of the clients existing hoist pendant controls; this allowed for increased ergonomics and ease of use, making the handling process more user friendly for their operators. The customer was so happy with the capability of the unit, they purchased a second one for the output side of their production process.

Key Technologies

Hoist Based Pneumatic C-shaped Fixed Probe Tool


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