The ERH-200 roll handling machine will effectively  increase the efficiency and the safety of lifting, turning & loading rolls weighing up to 200-lbs in your production process. Eliminate wasted time from repeat adjustments, damage to valuable rolls or shafts, ergonomic strain from repetitive push/pull and the inherent risk of injury from manual materials handling. The ERH-200 can also turn a cumbersome, two-man load handling process into a safe, easy and automated one-man operation.

Standard Features

  • Quiet 2-Speed Drive
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Push Button Pendant Control
  • Rechargeable Battery Powered System
  • Quick Change Battery Box
  • Quick Change Tooling Mount
  • Standard & Custom End Tools Available
  • Battery Charge Meter
  • Easy Rolling Wheels & Casters
  • 56” Lift Height & Custom Lifts Available
  • Straddle & Euro Base legs available
  • 3” & 6” Expanding Mandrels
  • 1 year warranty.

Manual Roll Tooling

Frontal V-Cradle Tooling

Lateral V-Cradle Tooling

Swivel V-Cradle Tooling

Horizontal Probe Tooling

Dual Probe Tooling

Flat Platform Tooling

  • 200lbs (91kg) Handling Capacity
  • Powered lifting
  • Versatile Multipurpose Tooling Designs
  • Multiple Base and Lift Height Options
  • Lightweight And User Friendly

Capacity Chart to determine if your roll can be handled with the ERH-200