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Eaton Corporation, headquartered in Fontana, CA, stands as a prominent leader in power management technologies and energy-efficient solutions, operating across more than 175 countries.. Their primary focus is to empower customers worldwide by effectively managing electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical power in a reliable, efficient, safe, and sustainable manner.

In a world reliant on critical infrastructure and technology, Eaton plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth operation of essential services such as planes, hospitals, factories, data centers, vehicles, and the electrical grid. Their mission is to tackle the toughest power management challenges, contributing to a more reliable, efficient, safe, and sustainable future for everyone.

Their comprehensive range of industry-leading electrical, aerospace, hydraulic, and vehicle products and services enables them to assist customers in overcoming their most significant power management hurdles.

Load Specifications

  • Batteries in corrugated boxes
  • Weight: Up to 170-lbs.
  • Size: (LWH) 37.5” X 23.5” X 20”

Application Analysis

Key Points

  • Pick up point: From a pallet, stacked to 42”
  • Travel: 12’-14’
  • Rotation: None
  • Ceiling Height: 30’ clear
  • Cycle Time: 24 per hour

Handling Issues

The job was being performed manually using two workers causing work related fatigue and back strain issues, especially when reaching down to pick up boxes on the lower rows of the pallets. The customer’s goal was to double the number of boxes currently being handled and to reduce the number of workers on this task to 1 so the other could be reassigned to another task in the facility.

The Solution

ASE Systems recommended a lift assist solution consisting of a Workstation Jib Crane which delivers a high ergonomic value when moving loads from point A to point B in combination with a Vacuum Tube Lifter designed to grip and lift the corrugated boxes. The Jib crane allowed for the coverage needed to access all of the pallets in the operating area. The vacuum tube lifter consists of a high-volume vacuum pump which typically sits near the base of the jib crane, a vacuum lift tube and the control head w/ vacuum cup assembly. Vacuum Tube (VT systems) are ideally suited for lifting corrugated boxes or any materials that are semi-porous or porous. VT systems are well suited for high-speed pick and place applications such as palletizing, sorting and production operations. Eaton was able to increase their productivity by not only doubling their lifts per hour but they were also able to accomplish this handling task with only one operator. In addition, the vacuum tube system eliminated the possibility of repetitive worker injuries associated with the handling task.

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