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For decades, D-J Engineering has been a trusted name in the aerospace industry, renowned for its expertise in manufacturing large assemblies and complex aerospace parts. From legacy aircraft components, emergent technologies, or challenging development projects, their high-caliber engineering and reliable manufacturing, deliver solutions for clients worldwide.

With a focus on speed, expertise, and innovation, they stand as a strategic asset for clients needing to develop new manufacturing processes, especially for low production runs. D-J Engineerings seasoned management and collaborative teams of passionate, curious, and skilled professionals work together to tackle the toughest engineering and manufacturing challenges head-on.

Over the past 30 years, D-J Engineering has evolved from a small aerospace manufacturing company with six employees in a single building to a thriving enterprise with over 300 employees across three campuses.

Load Specifications

  • Aluminum fixture
  • Weight- 23,000-lbs each
  • Size: 141 x 288
  • Clearance to the floor: 1.875

Application Analysis and Handling Issue

Large aluminum fixtures weighing 23,000 lbs each need to be maneuvered within a limited area. This task was difficult to perform in the space that was available on standard wheel and caster assemblies, then pushed by fork truck. D-J Engineering needed a system that could slip under the beams of the fixture and be easily removed when not in use.

The Solution

ASE specified one of our air caster load module systems #TS-32-21N rated at 32,000-lb capacity. The system includes four 21 air casters load modules, four interconnect hoses with quick connect couplings and one air regulation control console. The air regulators contained in the control console ensure that the incoming air is properly distributed to each load module even if the load weight is unevenly distributed. The air caster load module system enables precise positioning, side-shifting and omni directional movement of the load. With this technology one pound of force exerted by the operator will move a 1,000-lb load.

Key Technologies

Air Casters


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