The Ferax Mini Industrial Manipulator is a small light weight and easy to use lift assist device, it works well in limited space areas where repetitive lifting activities take place. The Ferax manipulator consists of a vertical column available in varying heights and an articulated boom that rotates 360-degees around the mast. The boom assembly includes a primary arm and a secondary arm that is outfitted with pneumatic powered cylinders capable of placing the load in a balanced condition, this feature is great for precise positioning activities. Up/Down and Balance controls are typically located at the end of the secondary arm allowing the operator to get up close and personal with the load when executing the picking and placing activities. Many different end of arm tooling options are available: power grip, vacuum grip, magnetic grip and a host of custom hooks, forks and shaped metal utensils designed specifically for your unique handling application. Caliper type brakes are included on all rotation joints along with    

Industrial Manipulator
Industrial Manipulator

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Changing out metal tools with magnetic gripper:
Ferax mini Industrial-Manipulator
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Ferax Industrial Manipulator