Heavy Duty Air Caster System 20,000 LBS Capacity


Heavy Duty Air Caster Load Module System

20,000 LBS Capacity

Each Load Module System Includes:

(4) Air Caster Load Modules

(4) Interconnect Hoses With Fittings

(1) 4-Station Control Console With ON/OFF Ball-Valve

(1) 35 Long Air Supply Hose With Fittings

* Some modules may vary in height. It is recommended to have 30% more air volume available for moving over floor surfaces that do not meet required floor specifications. Some specifications may have changed.

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Caster rigging systems move loads of varying sizes, shapes or weights utilizing our 4 module configurations.?

Standard rigging systems include 4 load modules, interconnect hoses with quick connect fittings and one 4 station control console with on/off ball valve.

Load Rigging Systems & Modules utilize the efficiency of Fluid Film Technology to lift and move loads of any size, shape or weight. Unlike caster wheels, which resist changes in direction, Rigging systems are truly omnidirectional, requiring no additional force to change direction.?

Rigging systems are lightweight and easily positioned under a load. Control consoles provide individual pressure regulation to compensate for unequal load distribution. Because Rigging Modules float on a nearly frictionless film of air; loads can often be moved manually, without the need for tow vehicles or winches. Air casters provide no perceptive shock or vibration when moving fragile or sensitive machines.??

Positioned under any load shape, they provide lift and support wherever its needed. With individual capacity ranging from 1/2 ton to 60 tons, rigging systems are available to move anything that isnt anchored down. The rigging system module’s thin profile allows ASE Systems products to be easily inserted under most equipment, eliminating the need for a separate jacking system, as well as providing vertical lift when inflated.

Item Number: TS-20-12BN?

System Capacity: 20,000 LBS

Dimensions of each Load Module in Inches: 12 x 12 x 1-7/8

Effective Lift Height in Inches: 3/4

Required Plant Air Hookup (NPT) Inch: 3/4?

Rated Operating Pressure (PSI): 60

Required Air Volume (SCFM): 64

System Net Weight (LBS): 100


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