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ASE Systems offers heavy roll load lifting, handling, moving, tilting, turning & “up-end” practically any type of roll, coil and reel. Using portable, stationary, floor and hoist based systems. These Roll Handling systems are available with manual, semi, and fully-powered functions. Customization is available to meet your unique application.

Our Popular Roll Handling Solutions:

We’ve been providing custom ergonomic solutions to address your specific needs for decades.

Light to Medium Duty

The ERH 200 & ERH 400,  200 & 400 Lb. Capacity respectively. These roll handling machines are engineered to enhance both the efficiency and safety of lifting, turning, and loading rolls within your production process. By eliminating wasted time from repeat adjustments, reducing damage to valuable rolls or shafts, and mitigating safety. Safe, effortless, and automated one-person operation. They offer Powered Lifting,

Multipurpose Tooling Designs 

Multiple Base/Lift Height Options and are Lightweight and User Friendly.

Heavy Duty

The HD-1500 roll handling machines are the most precise and powerful battery powered walk behind roll handling machines on the market today. Liift and turn rolls by the core for palletizing, transporting and loading. With its powerful battery powered electric hydraulic lift & drive unit, driving and maneuvering even in crowded work areas is safe and easy. Both the lifting and turning functions are powered by the truck’s hydraulics. Lever control valves allow lifting and turning in minute increments allowing the operator to make precision alignments fast and easy.
Comes with:
Built-In Battery Charger
Variable Speed Control
Safety Reversing Switch
Fast and Easy Troubleshooting

Manual Hydraulic Roll Handlers

The MRH-300 is a 300 Lb Capacity manual & portable roll handling machine. It is economical, simple, and built to last . Ideal for lifting and turning applications, available with a variety of tooling options. Such as Roller Probes, Straight Probes, “V” Cradle Platforms, Flat Platforms, Manual Roll Turners & Shaft Cradles.
Max roll diameter- ” Max roll width- ” Overall dimensions- 37″ L x 33″ W x 75 ” H Outrigger ID-25″ Hydraulic travel-40″ Raised height-48″ Lowered height-8″ Additional height positions-up to 20″ more on 2.5″ centers Machine weight- 316-lbs
Options: Expanding mandrels from 3″ (76.2 mm) to 12″ (304.8 mm) Various tooling options such as: Interchangeable probes, probes with rollers, shafted cradle, roll cradle, flat platform, V-platform and manual turner.

HRC Hydraulic Lifting Carts

These are available in 300, 500, 1,100 and 1,700-lb capacities. Each unit has 2 fixed and 2 swivel casters for ease of transport and maneuvering. It’s Equipped with an ergonomic handle bar for operator safety & convenience. Hydraulic foot pump for Vertical lift powered & manual relief valve for lowering.
Platform Options: Roller bed platform. Manual 360 deg swivel V-groove platform. Front to back V-groove lifting platform. Side to side V-groove lifting platform. Max roll width- 42″ Max roll diameter- 48″ Platform lowered height- 8.5″ Platform raised height- 29″ Cart dimensions- 34″ L x 18″ W x 37″ H

HRH 1000

The HRH 1000 is ideal for narrow web machinery with cantilevered unwinds and rewinds such as label presses, die cutters, inspection machines, laser printers and medical machines. The HRH’s roller probe makes lifting, transporting, loading and unloading rolls up to 1,000 lbs (450 kg) fast, easy and safe. With its maneuverable, light weight and compact design, the HRH is ideal for crowded machine floors and press rooms. Custom configurations & tooling are available upon request.

Roll Up Ender

The 2000 Lb. HRUP-5000 comes with wireless keyed remote with E-stoo, powder coated finish, rugged steel construction, floor mounted holes, fast hydraulic speed turning (0 to 90º in 18 seconds), and 5000 Lb Capacity. It is designed to automate your roll stacking & palletizing operations and at the same time reduce manhandling injuries and product damage. The HRUP-5000 can be integrated with a host of other converting and conveying equipment providing an economical alternative to a completely automated handling system. Comes with many options & accessories. Custom configurations available.

Air Caster Roll, Coil & Reel Movers

Move heavy paper rolls, metal sheet coils and large reels, safely, fast & easy. Air casters literally float the load on a thin film of compressed air, as little as one pound of push can move 1,000-lbs of weight; one person can easily transport, rotate and position even the largest and heaviest rolls. Inverted U-type handle, no-load wheels, pressure regulator and on/off ball valve are standard.

Standard configuration is 2 fixed front & 1 rear swivel. Optional squeeze throttle control, Non-standard roll diameter ranges are available.

Standard Duty Manual Roll Turner (GW Series )

Our GW Series is a simple manual roll turner. Simple to operate, quick agile turning motion, mechanical actuation width adjustment keeps rolls balanced. Roll Weight options are 220, 550, 880 & 1100 Lbs. Roll diameter up to 59” & 25.5” width,  expanding mandrel sizes: (2.75”) 70 mm, (3”) 76.2 mm, (5.9”) 149.8mm, (6”) 152.4 mm, available gripper for core sizes: (1.18”) 30 mm to (25”) 650 mm. Custom sizes on request 

Heavy Duty Manual Roll Turner (SW Series)

Our SW Series is a simple manual roll turner. Simple to operate, quick agile turning motion, mechanical actuation width adjustment keeps rolls balanced. Roll Weight options are 220, 550, 880, 1320, 1765 Lbs. Roll diameter up to 48” & 48” width, inside gripper: (2.75”) 70 mm, (3”) 76.2 mm, (5.9”) mm, (6”) 152.4 mm, available gripper for core sizes: (1.18”) 30 mm to (25”) 650 mm. Custom sizes on request

Super Duty Powered Roll Turner (BW Series)

Our BW Series is a simple manual roll turner. Simple to operate, electromechanical actuation & keeps rolls balanced with width adjustment. Roll Weight options are 1100, 1650, 2200, 3300, 4400 & 11000 Lbs. Roll diameter up to 98” & 100” width, inside gripper: (2.75”) 70 mm, (3”) 76.2 mm, (5.9”) mm, (6”) 152.4 mm, available gripper for core sizes: (1.18”) 30 mm to (25”) 650 mm. Custom sizes on request.

Electric Roll Turner

Made in USA, with rugged steel construction and modular design. Our quiet ERT Series with high-speed electric actuators can power a complete turn in seconds. Available in 350, 600, 1,000 & 2,000-lb. Capacity. The hoist point is also driven to perfectly balance the load, as well as to ease the loading and unloading process. All functions controlled by a small handheld pendant. An optional remote retract adds operation convenience and speed. Universal Expanding Mandrels are available. Handles a wide range of roll sizes and weights. Easy to position and control. Many optional features are available. Custom configurations available

Industrial Manipulator Roll Lifting & Handling Equipment

ASE Systems offers a complete line of floor based & overhead Industrial Manipulators to handle your rolls, coils & reels; practically any load that is cylindrical or round in shape. ASE manipulators can be portable, stationary and affixed to overhead rails that can be designed to lift, move, turn, tilt and “up-end” your particular “hard to handle” load. These machines are available with internal expanding mandrels, powered outside diameter gripping pads, vacuum cup grippers and a host of accessories that include anti-telescope devices. Customization is available to meet your unique application.

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