Ergonomic Equipment & Solutions for Heavy Load Lifting, Moving & Positioning

Cost-Effective Solutions for Safety, Efficiency & Productivity

At ASE Systems we understand the challenges associated with lifting, moving and positioning heavy loads of different materials, shapes, sizes and weight in constrained environments. 
We’ve been providing custom ergonomic solutions to address your specific needs for decades.
We cater to a range of different industries from supply chain, manufacturing to distribution and logistics. 

Some of our most popular heavy load handling solutions

Roll Handling Equipment

We offer a complete line of Roll handling and moving equipment including portable, stationary, floor and hoist based systems that can lift, move, turn, tilt and “up-end” practically any type of roll, coil, and reel. These Roll Handling systems are available with manual, semi, and fully-powered functions. Customization is available on each of our product offerings to meet your unique application.

Lift Assist Devices

Intelligent lifting devices, hoist based manipulators, load balancing, float & programmable lifting systems are features found on the high end of lifting devices and will ensure that your cycle time, positioning and load care requirements are met in accordance with your manufacturing and assembly needs. Basic lifters such as electric, compressed air and manually powered hoist are available in a variety of duty ratings and speed ranges. Lift and control packages are ideally suited for lower cycles of less demanding lifting and handling applications.

Air Casters

Whether your load is 500 LBS or 500,000 LBS, Air Caster equipment combines simplicity of operation with tremendous versatility to provide smooth, easy, omni-directional movement at a very affordable price. Their minimal space requirements, low maintenance, and ability to operate with standard industrial plant air make them an ideal solution for any industry. 

With Air Casters you can:

  • Move 1,000 LBS of load with 1 LBS of force
  • Reduce chances of back injuries
  • Clean, static-free operation and protect floor surfaces
    Provide a cushioning effect for delicate loads

Overhead/Work Station Cranes:

As an innovator and leader in the industry, ASE provides a wide variety of overhead workstation crane solutions. Our work station systems include free standing, ceiling mounted, monorails, and work station jib cranes.

The overhead support is the backbone and one of three necessary components in any integrated handling solution. Commonly referred to as overhead cranes, they come in many styles, configurations, shapes and sizes that include: bridge, workstation, enclosed track, monorails, gantry and jib cranes most of which can be freestanding, ceiling or building column supported.

Your lifting or handling system can be supported from a variety of ergonomically & technologically advanced overhead crane systems that consist of steel and aluminum enclosed Track Bridge and jib crane systems, I-beam and patented track technology.

Industrial Manipulators

ASE Systems offers a versatile line up of Hi-end, cost effective industrial manipulator Arms designed to provide years of “problem free” handling of all your heavy, awkward repetitive lifting applications. Along with increased productivity and enhanced ergonomics, we have incorporated technology designed to empower the end user with the ability to easily repair critical components without the need for technical expertise. Each pneumatic manipulator is engineered to accept a vast array of standard and customized end of arm or below the hook tools designed to empower the operator with the ability to lift heavy loads safely & easily. In addition to effortless lifting the operator can tilt, turn, spin, pour, rotate and precisely position a myriad of heavy, bulky unbalanced loads.
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