Makes every roll, coil & reel lifting job more efficient with less effort and increases your productivity. ASE’s line of battery powered hydraulic fork lift & stacker attachments make all your roll, coil & reel handling activities safe, cost effective, and extremely easy. Several options are available to choose from, based on your specific needs.

  • The expanding mandrel tooling handles many roll types with hard paper & plastic cores
  • The gripper pad tooling handles any cylindrical load within rated capacity
  • 360ᴼ rotation on horizontal or vertical plane
  • 125ᴼ forward tilting and 180ᴼ inverting
  • Batteries & 12-volt AC charger included
  • Proportional control provides metered pouring and precise positioning
  • Rugged, light weight, two-hand pendant control for added safety
  • CAN-bus controller
  • LED light flashes error codes for troubleshooting
  • Key switch disconnects main power
  • Includes system pressure gauge, battery discharge indicator (BDI) and hour meter clock
  • Single, dual & multi-function models available
  • *Wireless remote control option available on fully loaded models
  • *Consult “Weight vs Width ratio chart to determine if a BP attachment is right for your application.

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